Brighten up your kitchen or dining area with a charming Flower Wall Clock and Decorative Floral Accents. To match the Flower Wall Clock, you can choose from matching kitchen Flower Canister Sets, Flower Cutting Board, Salt & Pepper shakers and many other decorative flower wall clock accessories. These floral wall clocks and accents make a great gift for someone who has a flower home décor. We also found flower wall clocks that look great in a child’s bedroom.
Flowers and Butterflies Nursery Wall Clock

This charming flower clock features retro brightly colored butterflies fluttering above a white picket fence making this clock adorable. Little white daisies on a pink background. What more could a little girl ask for? Great for nursery or bedroom. Giclée printed onto real cotton cloth. Measures 10 inches in diameter. Quartz movement. AA battery required. Also features large, easy to read hands.

Customer comments: Super cute and a great gift!
We received this clock as a gift for my daughter and she loves it! Since then, we've purchased Doce Mia clocks and frames as gifts and they've been a hit each time. Highly recommended!

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Red Poppy 24-Inch Flower Wall Clock

This elegant flower wall clock features a picture of bright red poppies. Roman numerals surround the dial, black metal hands and a very accurate quartz movement. 1-AA Battery required, not included. Guaranteed by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Happy Customers’ report:
Just what I wanted!,
“I had been looking for a unique , large clock that would also be a little piece of art on my wall- I am pleased with it-its made of a sturdy masonite-type wood and has a good hanger, So far-keeping great time . The colors are perfect on the kind of distressed- antique looking black background.”

Solid and lovely - my wife loves it
“Bought this for my wife so she could she it easily in our kitchen - she loves it! It's really big, so I wouldn't put it in an apartment kitchen. But it's a great piece. It's an antiqued screen print on top of wood, so it doesn't have real texture, it just looks like it. We mounted it a good 15 feet up the wall and it looks fantastic.”

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French Boutique Wall Clock

This charming flower wall clock with a French motif, features black roman numerals and hands which stand out from the antiqued background. It will work in several different areas of your home, as you can see from the following customer comments.

Rave reviews have been received about this clock and here are some excerpts.
“Beautiful addition to my new kitchen
We recently updated our kitchen with blue cabinets and painted the walls the golden color similar to the one on the clock. I love this clock and get lots of compliments on it.”

“This battery operated Wall Clockis even more beautiful than pictured. I have it on the wall in my Living Room next to the Fireplace. In addition, I just put up three large Art Deco Wall Hangings that match this clock perfectly. It feels like a new house ! ! ! Well, almost :) :) I am very happy with this purchase “

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NEW! Teapot Pendulum Flower Wall Clock

This is an amazing clock, for those who want something different!! It is sure to be a conversation piece.

This designer whimsical teapot pendulum clock is called "Flower-Tea-Ful". Made of cast resin, this clock features pretty flowers growing out of a vintage-style teapot, and has a zinnia swinging back and forth at the bottom of the pendulum.

The clock is hand-painted and coated in polyurethane to keep the colors bright and give it a glossy look. It measures 16 inches high, including the pendulum, and is 9 inches wide. It's a must-have for tea lovers, and would make a perfect gift for someone you know, perhaps a British friend???

Be sure to zoom in when you go to look at this clock, as it has really neat details.

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